Is SK Social Strategy right for you?




Globally, there are nearly 2.6 BILLION social media users (, 2017). That means there is a phenomenal chance that your current, potential and desired consumers are hanging out online, on their phones, on Facebook and perusing Pinterest.

Whether your organization is a restaurant that has relied solely on word-of-mouth to survive or a private practice medical group looking to engage with potential and current patients, you are in need of a social media strategy. Whether you're a small-business owner who KNOWS you need a Facebook page but don't have time to run it or a growing company that just needs some help developing more frequent content to your blog or LinkedIn, you need a social media strategy. Organizing where you're at and setting up a path for success will allow you to run your business while being online, where it matters most to the communities you're trying to reach. 

I can help, no matter where you're starting from and no matter what your end goal is.

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