SK Social Strategy works with you to elevate your business with social media help, communications strategy and content that effectively engages your audience and makes your presence known in a dynamic digital world. 





Physician groups need Facebook too! While more and more patients are self-diagnosing and self-treating thanks to the Internet and social media, they also rely heavily on community and peer reviews when choosing their next healthcare practitioner or physician group. When they look for your practice online, do they like what they see?

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Moving to a new place in 2018 means turning to the Internet and Facebook first to get to know your community. Speaking from experience, the first thing newcomers want to see is an engaging social media presence. Why? Because engaging social media = vibrant community atmosphere. Let's get you there. 

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Small business

Own your own business? Spinning all of your wheels, in all of the directions, all of the time? Been there. It's hard to worry about a Facebook page and creating a LinkedIn presence when you're doing everything else, all alone, all the time. At the end of the day, though, you still need that Facebook page. Let's make sure your potential clients can find yours.